Hello Steamboat concept to replace a legacy daily newspaper in decline without any more timber waste, paper mills and print
The marketplace for news gathering, editing and distribution has been and continues to be disrupted by technology. As a member of the Denver news profession mid-70s to mid-80s, from March 1979-December 1981 as a 9News reporter/anchor, later an internet entrepreneur creating websites served on secure Macs at Denver colocation centers mid-90s through 2016, I share a New York Times vision of the future in a link below this paragraph. Extrapolate new news delivery paradigms emphasizing immediacy and impacting the places too rural for local TV coverage. Streaming video mirrored to the masses in realtime is economical and practical today. No satellite trucks, no big city TV choppers can beat a team of nimble, embedded citizens, the fierce frontline Watchdogs of the West. We are that network of contributors who get credit for their work when streamed, volunteering in the early months of a trial partnership in preparation for a permanent news co-op. Artistic and wildlife vignettes welcome. Tripod and drone video experts encouraged. When news breaks, we'll pull together to notify our communities as a team of eye-witness stringers across our vast western lands, connected cellularly. We will continue in the tradition of Charles Kuralt's video storytelling and Paul Harvey's brilliance in informing millions of radio listeners over decades.
Welcome to the post-text futurehttps://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/02/09/technology/the-rise-of-a-visual-internet.html
Ink on wood-pulp as a news delivery medium is fading fast with its ravenous timber appetite for newsprint from filthy paper mill suppliers. Failing newspapers essentially crank out first histories a day later as stressed reporters and editors are dually-tasked with meeting a demand for speedy online coverage. Ad-clogged websites subsidize often stale and spun reports. The Rocky Mountain News graveyard welcomes the Denver Post (CBS, April 14) which buried its rival the Rocky 9 years ago, and other failing liberal papers on the road to extinction.
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posted April 2018 by Scott Monahan, independent journalist, documentarian, website creator/maintainer, 6-year Steamboat resident