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The marketplace for news gathering, editing and distribution has been and continues to be disrupted by technology. As a member of the Denver news profession mid-70s to mid-80s — from March 1979 to December 1981 as a 9News reporter/anchor — later an internet entrepreneur creating websites served at Denver colocation centers mid-90s through 2016, I share a New York Times vision of the future just below this paragraph. Apply this to future news platforms in regions too rural to support local TV coverage when newspapers die. Streaming video mirrored online in realtime is now economical and practical. No satellite truck or TV News helicopter beats rural and nimble citizen-reporters on location, the frontline Watchdogs of the West. We're that band of news stringers credited for work when streamed, joining as volunteers with top performers earning as we grow — artsy wildlife and landscape features encouraged — tripod and drone video favored. When news breaks, cellular partners phone-in live reports, local or remote. Let's craft a platform dedicated to accurate information, honoring the memory of news pioneers Paul Harvey and Charles Kuralt.
Welcome to the post-text futurehttps://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/02/09/technology/the-rise-of-a-visual-internet.html
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Ink on wood-pulp as a news delivery medium is increasingly obsolete associated with its ravenous timber loss by filthy paper mills shipping tons of newsprint. Failing newspapers essentially crank out first histories a day later as stressed reporters and editors are dually-tasked with meeting a demand for speedy online coverage. Their ad-clogged websites subsidize often stale and spun reports. The Rocky Mountain News was driven out of print in 2009. Nearly a decade later, the Denver Post struggles with maintaining its viability as staff cutbacks continue. See CBS News 4/14/18. Newspaper extinctions are routine in 2018 — Wikipedia: Decline of newspapers.
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posted April 2018 by Scott Monahan, independent journalist, documentarian, website creator/maintainer, 6-year Steamboat resident